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  1. Photograph of a woman with short brown hair

    Makar To Makar | Episode 12 | Jackie Kay with Jay Bernard, Ella Duffy and Raymond Antrobus

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  2. Photograph of a woman sitting at a table

    Scenes for Survival | A Soup Song

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  3. Photograph of a man with a trimmed beard

    Scenes for Survival | The Longest Summer

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  4. Photograph of a man with spikey brown hair

    Makar To Makar | Episode 11 | Jackie Kay with Colin McGuire, Ross Wilson and Suzanne Bonnar

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  5. Photograph of a woman with a shaved head

    Makar To Makar | Episode 10 | Jackie Kay with Adjoa Andoh and Katherine Philpott

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  6. Photograph of a young boy blowing on a dandelion

    Scenes for Survival | The Park

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  7. A video call screen showing three boxes: a man speaking, a woman in a blazer and a woman signing

    Scenes for Survival | Ian and Sheena

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  8. A photograph of a man with short hair, time stamped 15 July 2021

    Scenes for Survival | Naeb’dy

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  9. A man sitting on a park bench in front of a grand red sandstone building

    Scenes for Survival | Black Scots, an Extract from First Snow / Première Neige

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  10. A woman in a rainbow wig with an inflatable unicorn

    Scenes for Survival | Babe Rainbow

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  11. A man snarling and pointing

    Scenes for Survival | Aleister Crowley Summons the Devil

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  12. Two men sitting on a sofa talking

    Scenes for Survival | The One with the Lockdown

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