Interference | Metaverse | Extract


15 Apr 2019

News Story

A few decades from now, a woman waits in a VR metaverse to do homework with her ten year old daughter.

In a care home staffed by advanced AIs, an elderly woman struggles to make a connection with her android carer.

A couple are struggling to conceive, but fortunately their company has the perfect solution.

Interference is a trilogy of near future plays. Staged in an empty office block transformed with vivid projection and atmospheric soundscapes. It asks the question: will technology interfere with what we really need from each other?

Interference is staged in an empty office space within CityPark, 368 Alexandra Parade. Seating is unreserved and the venue is fully accessible.

Concession and Futureproof Passport tickets are available, click here to find out more about joining the Passport scheme if you are aged 14 – 26.