We are...

...Scotlands National Theatre

We tell the stories that need to be told.

...A theatre without walls

We take our work to wherever audiences are to be found. We showcase Scottish culture at home and around the world, telling stories in ways never seen before

....A sustainable and resilient organisation

So we can create great theatrical work and serve the people of Scotland, whilst minimising our impact on the environment, for years to come


We recognise our roles as both collaborators and leaders in the culture sector the richness of collaborative working and our responsibilities to individuals and companies working across Scotland and around the world.


We want to innovate around how theatre is made, by whom and who gets to experience it.


We want to make a positive difference with everything we do, setting high standard for the work we create. We will make bold choices and seek constantly to evolve and adapt our working practices to meet the needs artists, audiences and communities.

Header: Mihaela Bodlovic