Dear Europe | Death Becomes Us | Extract


31 Mar 2019

News Story

“Into chaos we will come

Wild swinging

Running blind into the sun


Along with her musical collaborators and community chorus of European migrants, Leonie Rae Gasson blends intimate audio with exuberant live music in Death Becomes Us.

Performed at Dear Europe on 29 March 2019.

Created by Leonie Rae Gasson

Music by Heir of the Cursed

Sound by Susan Bear

Designed by Sabrina Henry

Performed by Beldina Odenyo Onassis

Featuring a community chorus of women and non-binary European migrants: Anna Garoucheva Gonzalez (Sweden); Christina Soo Ja Massey (Germany/Korea); Elizabeta Malnar (Croatia); Jurgita Antanaviciene (Lithuania); Axel Cegoransson (Sweden); Mandy Roberts (England); Miriam Riba Rossy (Catalonia); Pauline Krawehl (Germany); Petra Stofla (Slovenia); Roxane Girin (France); Maria Teixeira de Barros (Portugal); Zelma Balode (Latvia).