Dramatic Moment's | Deborah Orr's Bryan Ferry Dream


12 Feb 2020

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There was nobody in the office, I was staying late…

We wanted to share a dramatic moment from Enquirer our 2012 production Enquirer in partnership with LRB, in memory of award-winning trailblazing Scottish journalist, the late Deborah Orr, performed by Gabriel Quigley.

Motherwell, Deborah's memoir was published earlier this year by Weidenfeld and Nicolson

The audiobook edition of Motherwell, narrated by Gabriel, is also available


Editor and Director


Editor and Director

Andrew O'Hagan


With thanks to:

  • London Review of Books
  • C+W Agency
  • Orion Publishing Group
  • Vicky Featherstone
  • John Tiffany
  • Andrew O’Hagan

In partnership with the London Review of Books. Based on interviews by Paul Flynn, Deborah Orr and Ruth Wishart.

A National Theatre of Scotland Production First performed in Glasgow on 26 April 2012 at The Hub at Pacific Quay.