Prince Hairy Wee Treats

Festive Wee Treats

Prince Hairy really wants to become a star on Evernut’s Got Talent! I think the only star he will get near this year is the one on top of the Christmas tree. He’s going to have to keep practicing!

Have you ever wanted to become famous for a great talent? Maybe you are a wonderful singer, or you can tell great jokes, or burp the whole alphabet backwards?

Make: Prince Hairy’s Talent Show Microphone

You will need:
A kitchen roll tube
Some pens, crayons or pencils
Something round (like an old air freshener or a Christmas bauble)
Bottle caps

How To:
Step 1: Colour the kitchen roll tube in black

Step 2: Use Sellotape to stick the bottle cap lids on to make buttons

Step 3: Sellotape the round object onto the top of the kitchen roll and then cover it with tinfoil.

Step 1

Step 3

Activity: Host Your Own Household Talent Show

You can use anything in your house to be a microphone. A TV Remote or a hairbrush are good ideas.

Ask everyone in your household to secretly practice a talent they want to share with everyone else. It can be something simple like a dance move or a funny joke. It could even be showing everyone how talented they are at hoovering the carpets.

You have to create an order for everyone to show off their talents. Use your microphone to introduce each person as they come up and to ask them questions about their talent after they have shown it off.

Each member of the household gets to be a judge by holding up their fingers to show how many points they would get out of ten.

At the end you could give the winner a prize (a prize could be a treat like a chocolate or getting to pick what you all watch on TV that night or getting to put on their favourite song which everyone has to dance too).