Gothel Wee Treats

Festive Wee Treats

Gothel hid Rapunzel away in her tower. Can you imagine what it was like to be hidden away for so long? What do you think the strangest thing about the world would be? Imagine if all you ever saw was the inside of your house? What would you miss the most?

Have you ever had something precious that you wanted to hide away? Maybe you have a favourite toy or a piece of jewellery you wear on special occasions, or a photograph you really like?

Make: Gothel’s Tower

You will need:
Marshmallows (or cotton wool or blu-tac)

How To:
Step 1: Pick your precious item

Step 2: Try and build a tower using the spaghetti sticks. Sticking them together with marshmallows ( or cotton wool, or blu- tac)

Step 3: Check that your tower is stable. Try and build in triangles. Triangles are a very strong shape.

Step 4: Put your precious item inside the tower.

Activity: Make a map to your hidden treasure

Think of all the rooms in your household, could you draw a map that shows how the rooms connect and where the doors are. Hide your precious item in the house (it doesn’t need to be in the tower) and draw an X on the map where it is.

Give your map to someone else in the household and see if they can find it. Once they have found it you can tell them why you think the item is precious.

You can add more details to your map, like drawings of the furniture in your house or making the map even bigger and including your whole street!

You could get other people to hide their favourite items and they can draw an X on your map of where it is. Can you find it? Did you know this was their favourite item? Why do you think it is so precious to them? Ask them why they like it so much?

Top: Step 4 and Above: Step 1

Step 3