Elfin Safety and Paige Ootabook Wee Treats

Festive Wee Treats

Elfin Safety thinks Paige Ootabook’s jokes are so terrible she should be in ELF ISOLATION. Do you know any really funny jokes? We can make Paige Ootabook a joke generator to help her come up with some new ones.

Make: Paige Ootabook’s Joke Generator

You will need:
Two bowls, hats or jars
Some paper
Pens or pencils

How To:
Step 1: Write a joke, with the first part on one bit of paper and the second part on another. If you can’t think of any jokes just write down some questions and answers like

What’s your favourite song? Jingle Bells

What’s your favourite time of year? Winter

What’s your favourite food? Brussel Sprouts

Step 2: Fold up the first part of the joke and put it in one jar (or the question) and put the punchline (or the answer) in another

Step 3: Mix them up with your hands and each member of the household takes turns at pulling out a question and an answer. Are there any really silly ones? Or ones that are funny because they don’t make sense? Which one is your favourite new joke?

Activity: Play joke pairs

Lay all the pieces of paper down on the middle of the floor or the table, face down, so that you can’t see the writing.

Take turns to pick up two pieces of paper at a time. If you get a joke that matches the first part and the punchline so that it makes sense, then you get to keep that pair.

If you get two that don’t make sense you have to put them in the middle.

When all the pairs are gone, count up who has the most joke pairs. They are the winner.

Here are some jokes to get you started:

How does a snowman get to work?
By icicle

How did the bauble know that she was addicted to Christmas?
She’d been hooked on Christmas trees all her life.

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?