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List of Events

  1. Home Away

  2. An Tango mu dheireadh ann am Partaig | Last Tango in Partick

  3. Glasgow Girls

  4. Three women dressed in factory overalls and bonnets look worried

    The 306: Day

  5. A steampunk submarine emerges from water. In the background the outlines of Glasgow's Duke of Wellington statue, Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow City Chambers and the Finneston crane.

    Submarine Time Machine

  6. A mother puts both her hands on her young son's cheeks


  7. An illustration showing a group of woman wearing heavy coats, hats and scarves. One holds the hand of a young child walking beside them. The image is overlaid in red, with a yellow saltire cross cutting across.

    The Last Queen of Scotland

  8. A young woman stands on a stage looking forward. Behind her, and slightly blurred, a man also standing on the stage looks towards her.

    How To Act

  9. A man and woman stand facing forward. Around them, items from a living room explode around them.

    The Whip Hand

  10. A group of schoolgirls in uniform lean into microphones as they sing on a colourfully tiled stage

    Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour (2015)

  11. A distressed looking man dressed in dark clothes wraps his arms around a woman dressed in white. He holds on to her wrists and presses his face against her cheek.

    Oresteia: This Restless House

  12. Glasgow Girls