VR Theatre

Dundee Rep

9 & 10 November 2018


Citizen of Nowhere has invited Limina Immersive to Dundee to allow audiences to enjoy the best VR theatrical experiences on offer. From dance to wildlife, to art - this programme of immersive experiences will open your senses to an emerging new world of creative potential.

A Limina powered VR theatre is a special space to encounter cultural VR. It is designed to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible, allowing for the content to really shine. A VR theatre powered by Limina is built for groups of people who want a relaxed, fun and thoughtful way to experience VR. Each session is hosted, giving audiences the chance to receive an entertaining introduction to VR and a chance to chat through their experiences afterwards.

Limina Immersive is a leading UK-based immersive media curation, events and consultancy company. They work closely with some of the world’s most talented VR producers, giving them access to the most pioneering and meaningful content out there. Founded by BAFTA-winning Catherine Allen, who led the creation of two of the BBC’s first VR experiences, Limina’s goal is to make immersive media more accessible by diversifying audiences and widening participation in the emerging sector.

VR Theatre is presented in association with Dundee Rep Theatre.

Creative team