Hello Hi There

The Vision Building, Dundee

9 & 10 November 2018


Can you call it a play when two Macbooks are the actors? This unusual performance by NY-based director Annie Dorsen illustrates the extent to which a human can be replaced by a computer.

Based on the famous discussion from the 1970s between Michel Foucault and Noam Chomksy, along with additional text culled from YouTube, the Bible, Shakespeare, the big hits of western philosophy and other sources, every night these two computer programs create a new, "improvised," dialogue.

What does humanism, and the belief in human virtuosity, mean when machines and artificial intelligence are able to so easily outdo us? Can something worthwhile come out of the reflections of two computers?

Hello HiThere is an intelligent, creative and humorous dialogue about humanity in the age of its digital reproduction. Theatre becomes a digital art.

Creative team