A man playing a fiddle

As a national performing arts company, we are passionate about representing Scotland’s many voices and stories. We are committed to the inclusion and presentation of work in Scotland’s official minority languages: Gaelic, Scots and British Sign Language (BSL).

We endeavour to:

  • Support the development of minority language artists through our artist development programme each year. All artist development activities are open to artists from our priority under-represented groups.
  • Commission and/or support the development of new minority language plays/projects each year.
  • Represent minority languages in a National Theatre of Scotland production, co-production, supported production or other public facing performance opportunities whenever work is ready to be produced.
  • When recruiting new board or staff members, we will endeavour to ensure representation of Minority Language speakers/users.
  • Ensure that all our productions are made accessible to BSL users through the integration and embedding of BSL Performance Interpreters in each production.

All our work is artist led, so if you are an artist working in one of Scotland’s minority languages, please do approach us with ideas for new productions or other partnership opportunities. To find out how click here.

If you are an artist who would like to develop a relationship with us or development your skills and networks, get involved in our artist development programme.

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