We are committed to ensuring that sustainability and protection of the environment sits at the heart of our company, our work and our ethos. 

As an arts organisation with a “without walls” model and a commitment to bringing theatre to audiences all over Scotland, we are acutely aware of the effect our core mission has in terms of carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. 

We commit to:

  • Reducing our carbon emissions in line with Scottish Government targets of 75% by 2030 (from a baseline of 2019 levels) and net zero by 2045, but we will strive to achieve this sooner.   
  • Keeping climate and social justice rooted in all our work, activities and actions.
  • Placing sustainability at the heart of our work with communities and organisations across Scotland. 
  • Recognising that our position of leadership in the sector comes with a responsibility to learn, inform, communicate, and influence.  


We have established a Green Team to help create a culture of shared responsibility across the organisation including at board level.

We aim to be a centre for the exchange of skills, promoting climate literacy among everyone we interact with.

We are proud to say that as of 2022 90% of our staff were carbon literacy trained, this develops the understanding of the issues arising from climate change across the company as well as fostering awareness of the urgency of climate crisis.


We are committed to delivering work in line with the Theatre Green Book.

From 2023 we will run all of our productions to the intermediate standard meaning over 75% of materials used in our productions will have had a previous life.

We embed sustainability clauses in our contracts with venues, companies and individuals so that our principles are clear. We also work with our artists and creative staff to support them throughout our sustainable production process viewing this evolution in theatre practice as a positive creative opportunity.

Green Design in action


At programming level we are committed to employ the talents and harness the ideas of Scotlands artists to create bold productions that explore the climate crisis and address climate justice through compelling optimistic storytelling that spurs action and creates hope for the future.

We want to ensure that the climate emergency is the focus of discussion and creative change within our artistic development and creative engagement programmes.


We are committed to reducing the carbon emissions form our home base, Rockvilla with the expectation that we can do better that current government policy.

We intent to generate all our own electricity at Rockvilla, we installed our initial 12kw solar panel system in August 2021. We intend to keep working hard to ensure our building is adapting and achieving its full sustainable potential and to keep utilising new technologies.

As a touring company who pride themselves on being a 'theatre without walls' with a strong commitment to bringing theatre to audiences all across Scotland, we are also committed to ensuring that we do not have a negative environmental impact on the spaces and places we visit with our productions.