With huge thanks to all the following individuals and organisations below for their support and to all the charitable trusts and foundations who support our work.

Production Supporters

Sir Ewan and Lady Brown
Weston Culture Fund
The Britford Bridge Trust
The Foyle Foundation
The William Syson Foundation
The Woolbeding Charity
Badenoch + Clark
The Rayne Foundation
William Grant Foundation
Binks Trust
McGlashan Charitable Trust
Culture & Business Fund Scotland
Ettrick Charitable Trust
The Murdoch Forrest Charitable Trust
The W M Mann Foundation
Trades Widows’ Fund Charity
Aberdeen Endowments Trust
Verden Sykes Trust
Educational Institute of Scotland

Artistic Directors Circle

Alan Main
Brian Park
Elspeth Findlay
George and Jacqui Morris
Karen Collins and David Frederick
Tim and Kim Allan
The Binks Trust


Alan McMahon
Angela, Max and Amy Hendry
Brenna Hobson
David and Judy Shaw
David and Olga Orr
David and Terri Warnock
Doreen Davidson
Fiona Ross
Harry and Elaine Warnock
Hon. Lady Rita Rae
Ian and Miranda Rankin
Ian Ritchie CBE
Joan and Enda Logan
Joan Elliott
Judith Chivers and Kevin Ford
Mairi Mickel
Mark Downie
Michael and Ailsa Urquhart
Mike and Carol Ramsay
Mukesh Moorjani
Nick and Sally Kuenssberg
Peter and Diane Cabrelli
Ros Taylor and John Young
Seona Reid DBE
Sheelagh Duffield
Sir Ronald and Lady Ann Miller
Walter and Norma Nimmo
Stella Litchfield
Caroline Newall
Gemma Swallow


Alison Lefroy Brooks
Betta Adams
Dr. James and Amanda Garden CBE
Eileen Walker
Frank and Shirley Howell
Fred and Irene Shedden
Jackie and Alistair Forbes
Jeremy Smeeth
John Mason
Jonathan A. M. Muirhead
Juliette Paton
May and John Moreland
Peter and Linda Alston
Sarah and Spiro Phanos
Simon Bowie and Alison Watt


Jane Griffiths
Judy Wilkinson

Friends and Supporters

Alan Maxwell
Alison Haggart
Andrew Lockyer
Angus MacCuish
Anne Young
Audrey Barclay
Brian Neill
Campbell McInroy
Cara and David Wilson
Carol and John Fender
Catherine Alexander
Catherine Gerrard and Ann Colman
David Chittleburgh
Dorothy Miell
Eilidh Douglas
Electra McPhillips
Gareth Beedie
Gillian Hamilton
Graham Leadbitter
Gráinne Smith
Hamish Mackay
Hazel Calder
Heather MacLaren
Hope Smith
James and Norma Main
Janet Ellis
Jean and Raymond Young-Kennedy
Jennifer Johnston
Joan and Bob Grant
John and Frances Kerr
John Knight
John Lister
John Munro
Joyce Taylor
Katrina Hamilton
Kristien Hintjens
Martin Eckersall
Martin McKay
Mary Hepburn
Maureen Sturrock
Mhari McGlone
Mirren Stobie
Naomi Richardson
Neill Hunter
Pamela McGowan
Patricia Smith
Patsy Millar
Prof. William Sweeney and Mrs. Susannah Conway
Rana Keane
Robert Kidd and Heather McKinlay
Ruairi Vernon
Russell Lowe
Sally Thomas
Shelagh and Brian Sayer
Sue and Phil Leckie
Sue Hillman
The Muriel Spark Society
Thomas and Mary Harrison
Thomas Hanna and Jamie Pearson
Tom and Paula Gibson
Ulrike Maxrath
W. Hamish Fraser
W. Mathison

Festive First Nights Supporters

Ian Gilmour Transport
Arnold Clark
RJ McLeod
The Evans Family
Craig Stevenson

Header image: Barbara Rafferty in Yer Granny. Image by Manuel Harlan