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Thank you for considering making a one-off donation to support our work. National Theatre of Scotland is a registered charity and your support helps us to maximise the work we do.

This work includes:

  • taking exceptional theatre experiences all over Scotland and the world, from the grandest theatre stages to the tiniest island village halls
  • nurturing artists, new and established, to tell stories which reflect Scotland’s people and places
  • co-creating work with communities and offering enriching and inspiring experiences
  • supporting teachers and educational institutions to enhance and enrich learning through the work we produce

We aim to remove any and all barriers which may block the reach of our work, be these poverty, ethnicity, geography, disability, gender, sexuality, age or any others.

Covid-19 has challenged our industry in ways we could never have imagined and your support will make a significant difference as we move forward.

Whatever your reason for considering donating and supporting us today– thank you, it means so much to have you alongside us helping us achieve all we aim to do.


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