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The National Theatre of Scotland has helped rear a new generation of talent by building long-lasting relationships across the country. It is now hard to imagine the Scottish cultural landscape without it

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The National Theatre of Scotland speaks of a vibrant Scottish theatrical culture that recognises how a modern nation is never defined simply by a single heritage.

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Our mission is to create extraordinary, audacious, inventive theatre that represents the richness of contemporary Scotland.

We know that theatre can deliver a unique experience, full of joy, fun and excitement and we believe together with this theatre can have a significant positive impact on society. We intend to be a leading force of that positive social change, focusing especially on future generations.

Our ambition is great, but we can’t do it without you…

You can play a part in helping to make our ambitions a reality, either as an individual or a business.

See below the many different ways in which you can support us in our mission and play a part.

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