How to Join LGBTI+ Elders Social Dance Club – ONLINE


6 Apr 2020

News Story

You will receive the Zoom link and password in an email from National Theatre of Scotland. If you don't have this link and password please contact

How to Join:

Click the link and enter the password when prompted.

Your device may need a few seconds to open this online meeting platform called ZOOM.

Click the ‘Allow’ screen to join us all online.

Zoom may also ask you to use your computer audio.
Click "YES" to this option so we can all hear each other.

Settings – please use speaker or gallery view, whichever suits you best.

Have your champagne/cup of tea ready to join us in our toast to the LGBTI+ Elders Community.

This meeting is FREE for the whole rainbow and allied community. As well as dancing together online, we will discuss how this online platform can support and connect elders during these turbulent times.

Please bear with us during the first few sessions whilst we find our feet. We acknowledge there may be some technical issues we will need to learn from. We acknowledge not everyone has internet access and we are exploring ways to reach everyone over the coming weeks.

Health and Safety

Please ensure you have enough space around you to dance and make sure there are no trip hazards.

Have drinking water to hand.

Please ensure you only do what feels comfortable and safe for your body.

Take breaks whenever you feel you want to.

Photography and Filming

You can choose to join by audio only if you would rather remain unseen. You can choose to mute your microphone for the duration of dance club if you want to.

The National Theatre of Scotland will record the zoom session for research, development and publicity purposes only. Everyone will have the opportunity to opt out if they do not want to be recorded by turning off your camera at a certain point. We will chat you through how and when to do this at the beginning of the session.

No dance club members will record or screenshot the session, by joining the group we assume that you agree to this.

Other Questions

Do I need to dance?

You can dance as much or as little as you choose as well as not at all.

What do I wear?
Whatever you feel like wearing. You can go full on glam or in your jammies… anything goes that doesn’t cause offence to others.

What if I am running late?

Please do join us whenever you can!

Can I use the chat function?

Yes you can, this can be for everyone to see or private chats. Its up to you and you will find this on the speech bubble on the space bar.

Will this event be BSL interpreted?

We are in the early stages of development and are currently reviewing if this is possible.

Will this event be Audio Described?

We are in the early stages of development and are currently reviewing if this is possible.

Please feel free to email us direct if you require BSL or Audio Description or for any other enquiries at