A Big Map
for the
Big Yin

From the Clydeside docks to Hollywood and beyond…

For the last 50 years, Billy Connolly has travelled all over Scotland and the world bringing joy and laughter wherever he's gone.

Now we need your help to really put the Big Yin on the map.

We want to create a map of all the places that have a personal connection to Billy, to help us create a love letter from the people of Scotland to their favourite comedian.

This isn't just about Billy – it's about you, the fans who play a vital part in Billy Connolly’s story, who have laughed, cried and connected with each other, through his humour, over the last half a century.

So please share your knowledge of Billy, and or your stories, memories, photos, and favourite jokes to add your unique mark to this living tribute and help us make this map a right Big Yin!

To find out more about Dear Billy on tour visit the main booking page here.