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About the Project

The original Coming Back Out Ball and Social Dance Clubs were pioneered in Australia by All The Queens Men. The project was then started in Scotland following discussions where many older LGBTI+ people said they feared they may ‘return to the closet’ as they lose independence with age, particularly if they need to rely on carers or residential care. The project aims to strengthen the LGBTI+ over 50s community and promotes their visibility and safety.

This is the first time that this radical community focused project has been created and shared outside of Australia.

The Coming Back Out Ball and Social Dance Clubs addresses ageism, social isolation, homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia and transphobia by supporting the recreational, artistic and social rights of LGBTI+ over 50s, creating a regular safe, inclusive space. It also facilitates the physical, cognitive and emotional benefits that come from regular creative and physical practice.

For more information email: or call 0141 227 0970