Frequently Asked Questions - The Coming Back Out Ball

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1. What should I expect from the Ball?

A night of love, laughter, music, dancing and community. Your hosts for the evening, Karen Dunbar and Jamie Rea, will take you through spectacular performances from the LGBTI+ community including Horse, Dean Atta, Maggie Kinloch, Jo Clifford, Bogha Frois and Malin Lewis. Look forward to the chance to chat with your fellow Ball attendees via your zoom table and break out rooms.

2. Why is the Ball happening?

The original Coming Back Out Ball was pioneered in Australia by All The Queens Men. The project was then started in Scotland following discussions where many older LGBTI+ people said they feared they may ‘return to the closet’ as they lose independence with age, particularly if they need to rely on carers or residential care. The project aims to strengthen the LGBTI+ over 50s community and promotes their visibility and safety.

This is the first time that this radical community focused project has been created and shared outside of Australia.

3. Can I attend alone?

Yes you can attend alone. However if there are two (or more) of you attending from the same household, the ‘Ball in a Box’ is based on one per person, so you’ll need to book two tickets.

4. Do I need to have my camera on?

No need to put your camera on if you don’t feel that you want to.

5. Will I be asked to speak?

No need to speak or turn your microphone on if you don’t feel that you want to.

6. I’ve never used Zoom before, is it easy to use?

Zoom is very easy to use. See here for a link to a getting started guide to Zoom for new users.

7. What should I wear?

As it’s a special occasion we invite you to wear whatever makes you feel most fabulous.

8. Is it only for LGBTI+ elders?

The Ball is for all LGBTI+ elders, all members of the rainbow community and their allies.

9. What is the ‘Ball In A Box’?

It’s a beautifully crafted and bespoke designed box full of special items that will help the Ball come alive in your living room.

10. How do I book – can I do it over the phone?

Yes you can book over the phone, please call 07912 540 136. Alternatively, you can email us on and we can call you back.