A man and woman stand facing forward. Around them, items from a living room explode around them.

The Whip Hand

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

August 2017


0 Stars

I’m never gonnie be Napoleon. Am I? But shouldn’t I try and do something a wee bit bigger? Something good!

It’s Dougie’s birthday. He just turned 50 and his family are throwing him a party. But it’s Dougie who has a surprise for them. A bombshell proposal.

He wants his ex-wife Arlene to back his new endeavour. He wants to serve a good cause, a global cause. He wants to make right a terrible wrong, even if it puts their daughter’s future at risk.

They can all sense a scam, but Dougie won’t back down. He is convinced this is his only chance to do something truly glorious, but his motivation may not be as pure as it seems. As the touchpaper under his family is lit, no one escapes the fallout.

Written by Douglas Maxwell (Charlie Sonata, Promises Promises) The Whip Hand is an explosive new play about power, privilege, blood ties and our inescapable past, directed by Birmingham Rep Associate Director Tessa Walker.

A Traverse Theatre Company and Birmingham Repertory Theatre co-production in association with National Theatre of Scotland


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