A human size bunny stands in front of Glasgow Central Station at night time

Super Night Shot


Summer 2018


0 Stars

A love letter to the people of Glasgow.

Super Night Shot is a magical journey through the night time streets of Glasgow. Full of unexpected surprises, the Glasgow public become co-stars in a movie that celebrates unplanned meetings with strangers and delights in the randomness of urban existence.

Both comical and moving, Super Night Shot attempts to elevate the banality of everyday life into the glamour and glitz of a big screen blockbuster. Completely unpredictable, the result is an experience halfway between theatre and film, elevating the everyday into the epic and plays with your perceptions of the familiar. Anything can happen, and usually does…

The film begins exactly one hour before you come to watch it when the four performer/activists meet, arm themselves with their video cameras and start them simultaneously. Embarking on a ‘War On Anonymity’, they set off into the night on an adventure where only one thing is certain: 60 minutes later they will meet again and present what they have filmed to the waiting audience.

Super Night Shot is Berlin-based Gob Squad’s most widely toured production, with nearly 200 unique presentations since the project’s inception in 2003.

The National Theatre of Scotland and Gob Squad present.


Creative team