Submarine Time Machine | 2017

Forth and Clyde Canal, Glasgow

June 2017


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, eminent citizens, and friends of Glasgow, it was with great delight, exhilaration, and plentiful excitement that we announced the launch of the world’s most magnificent machine. A veritable wonder of the world, a sensational curiosity, a marvel of engineering and imagination—the Submarine Time Machine.

To mark that illustrious occasion, we invited you to join us in a celebration of the launch. You joined us at Spiers Locks and on the tow path of the North Glasgow Canal for a veritable feast of entertainment, a day of erudition and amusement, featuring performances, spectacles, dances, the singing of songs, and the telling of the tallest tales.

You marveled at the strength of the boy who pulled the plug that drained the canal, swooned at the sight of the glorious white stag that appeared whenever a stout heart was broken, were aghast and exhausted as you took wing with the most incredible Glesga Doo, relived the glory day of Partick Thistle football club's defining defeat of the Lisbon Lions, and roared 4-1 all over again. You let your imagination fly and were part of this most historical occasion when the Submarine Time Machine transported us all to a new land of possibility and opportunity.

If you believed in magic and the power of imagination, you joined us, as that was the fuel on which our time machine was propelled.

A National Theatre of Scotland production, supported by ScottishPower Foundation

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