Our Teacher's a Troll

April - June 2009


Once, not so very long ago, there were two terrible twins called Holly and Sean and they got up to all kinds of mischief. In fact, they were so badly behaved at school that the Head Teacher, Mrs Spike, had a nervous breakdown and was “found in the sand pit eating sand and mooing like a cow.”

Now, the twins thought this was very funny indeed and were extremely pleased with themselves. That is, until Mrs Spike’s replacement arrived. For you see, the new Head Teacher was – a Troll. Yes, that’s right, a Troll. With green scaly skin, sharp gnarly fangs, a purple tongue with suckers on and a long, spiky tail.

Not only that, this Troll Head Teacher soon created all kinds of mad new rules for pupils and teachers. All the teachers had to swap shoes – men and women – and all the children were put to work digging up the playground to create a gold mine for the Troll. Even worse, they were only allowed to eat brussels sprouts in peanut butter and anyone who didn’t do as they were told got scoffed by the Troll!

Can Holly and Sean save the day and stop the Troll from eating their class mates and teachers? Can naughtiness be restored to its rightful place? Will brussels sprouts and peanut butter be taken off the menu and can Miss Voluptu get her crushed velvet kitten heels back from Mr Biyani? The only way to find out the answers to all of these questions is to come along and be outrageously entertained by this colourfully comic adventure.

Warning: this show contains naughty children and a troll.