A young girl stares straight ahead with an expressionless look on her face. She has white rings around the iris of her eyes.




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Can you ever really trust a machine?

It is 2040.

A woman waits in a VR metaverse to do homework with her ten year old daughter.

In a care home staffed by advanced AIs, an elderly woman struggles to make a connection with her android carer.

A couple find it hard to conceive, but fortunately their company has the perfect solution.

Interference is a trilogy of near future plays. Staged in an empty office block transformed with vivid projection and atmospheric soundscapes. In an era where technology is increasingly serving our every need, Interference asks what do we need from each other anymore?

A National Theatre of Scotland Production

Written by Morna Pearson, Hannah Kahlil and Vlad Butucea

Directed by Cora Bissett

Creative team



  • 4 Stars

    Such sci-fi tropes of social engineering may be familiar, but in the current climate they are full of heart and soul in a collective plea for humanity.

    The Herald

  • 4 Stars

    This is made to feel like a potential reality, rather than fiction. And it’s all the more satisfyingly chilling for it.

    The Stage