A young woman stands on a stage looking forward. Behind her, and slightly blurred, a man also standing on the stage looks towards her.

How To Act

Tron Theatre, Glasgow; The Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; Eden Court, Inverness; The Byre Theatre, St Andrews

March 2018


Internationally-renowned theatre director Anthony Nicholl has travelled the globe on a life-long quest to discover the true essence of theatre.

Today he gives a masterclass, demonstrating first-hand, the methods he developed in Africa and Asia.

Promise, an aspiring actress, has been chosen to participate. What unfolds between them forces Nicholl to question all of his assumptions about his life and art.

How to Act explores the contemporary realities of personal, cultural and economic exploitation through two individuals drawn together in the world of theatre. Both believe in truth, but each has their own version of it.

Written and directed by Graham Eatough.

Presented by National Theatre of Scotland


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