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Home / Away 2016: Gunyal *Scar - Fred Leone and the Grumman Dancers.

Gunyal *Scar explores the cultural practice, identity and dreaming of contemporary urban Aboriginal Australia as part of the National Theatre of Scotland's Home Away festival.

In its tenth anniversary year, the National Theatre of Scotland presents its first ever festival of participatory performing arts.

Ten new productions from Chicago, Glasgow, New Dehli, Brisbane, South Uist, Dundee, Jamaica, Tomintoul & Glenlivet, Rio de Janeiro and the world wide web. Plus a five day participatory arts conference.




Gunyal *Scar explores the cultural practice, identity and dreaming of contemporary urban Aboriginal Australia. What happens when the people who hold the oldest stories on Earth, are forced from their lands and sent to live in other tribal areas? The generation after this is where Gunyal *Scar begins.

Featuring a cast of intergenerational performers from Brisbane, this a journey told through traditional and contemporary dance and language, seamlessly crafted into a beautiful explosion of life, culture and the ever-beckoning cry of the old people for the next generation to listen to the stories that make them who they are.

Australia is home to the world’s oldest surviving culture. Through millennia, the stories and traditions of the continent’s remarkable First Nations have been kept alive through music and dance. Maintaining that tradition is the driving force behind one of the country’s most powerful traditional dance groups – The Guruman Dancers. Formerly known as Badjtala Nangarim, the group recently took the Guruman name (meaning kangaroo) and has set about its goal of protecting and revitalizing language and culture

through traditional and contemporary dance. A melting pot of tradition, the group represents several Aboriginal tribal groups - Badjtala, Garawa, Wanyi, Mununjali Yugambeh, Gungurri, Birri Gubba, Goomeroi and Wiradjuri.