Theatre Green Book’s 2nd Edition launched in Scotland


4 Jul 2024

News Story

Gemma Swallow, Paddy Dillon and Liam Sinclair at the launch of the 2nd edition of the Theatre Green Book Scotland

Yesterday saw the Scottish launch of the second edition of the Theatre Green Book. The Federation of Scottish Theatre teamed up with Creative Carbon Scotland and the Theatre Green Book, to present the new and updated version with all 3 sections: Productions, Operations and Buildings, in one place and new, easy-to-use Excel tracker tools.

Theatre Green Book Co-ordinator, Paddy Dillon, talked through the new version of the Theatre Green Book, and some of the successes to date while National Theatre of Scotland’s own Technical Director Gemma Swallow discussed NTS’ journey to Intermediate Standard for our productions, and our ambitions to achieve this for both our buildings and operations. Liam Sinclair, Executive Director & Joint CEO of Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre, also spoke and discussed the stage they are at and how they are now implementing the Green Book into their practices.

Gemma Swallow, Technical Director at National Theatre of Scotland and Theatre Green Book champion said:

“Since its inception the Theatre Green Book has played a vital role in the National Theatre of Scotland’s environmental journey and has helped us to achieve Intermediate standard in Productions across the majority of our shows over the last couple of years. This new version has revolutionised the way we do this work. The combining of all three areas, Production, Buildings and Operations, and the requirement to meet the standards in all three, has enabled us to look at our environmental goals in a much more holistic way and given us the guidance and support to look at the future with more confidence. Easy to navigate tools, trackers, and the introduction of a carbon tracker for all new materials, provided by Creative Carbon Scotland and funded by Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG), have all helped to make this work realistic and achievable. Our journey to net zero is laid out in front of us and we aim to achieve Intermediate across the whole organisation’s activity and resource by the end of 2024.”

More information is available from the newly developed Theatre Green Book website.