Seeking Artists for Residencies


28 Jan 2022

News Story

The National Theatre of Scotland has created a new Artist Residency programme with a host of opportunities to support artists based and working in Scotland. The programme is for artists working in any art form who want to make a new performance, digital, or hybrid work. 

The Artist Residency programme is a new model which will support 12 artists throughout 2022 till March 2023, with residencies enabling artists to develop an idea and project. Support provided will include a dedicated budget, studio space and equipment, access to technical advice and expertise, as well as producing and dramaturgical support. Residencies will be based either at Rockvilla, (the National Theatre of Scotland’s building) or in a space local to the artist. 

A zoom webinar (live and recorded for viewing afterwards) is on offer on 22nd February to provide an opportunity to ask questions.

Jackie Wylie, Artistic Director of National Theatre of Scotland said: “When theatres shut their doors in March 2020, we paused our programme of regular paid artist opportunities in the hope that lock-down would last a few months at most. Instead, the ongoing impact of the pandemic has led us to radically rethink how to evolve in response to increased inequities in our industry.

After a thorough examination of everything we have learned from three years of Engine Room activity, our previous Artist Development programme, and consultation with a range of freelancers across art forms, roles and backgrounds, we have co-designed a new model of open opportunities. This programme places long term relationship building, with artists who have not yet had a platform at National Theatre of Scotland, at its heart.  Through the offer of greater financial resource and longer term, embedded residencies with the Company, we wish to nurture new voices and projects that will impact our future programmes and diversify the Scottish Theatre and Performance landscape.” 

Full information on the Artist Residency programme including eligibility criteria, details of how to apply and deadlines can be found here.