National Theatre of Scotland announces Discover Residency Artists


13 Jul 2022

News Story

The National Theatre of Scotland today announced the eight artists who have been selected for Discover Residencies 2022 - 2023. The artists are Chinyanta Kabaso, Jack MacGregor, Jim Muotune, Libby Odai, Cara Roberts, Kal Sabir, Theo Seddonand Theiya Arts Dance Collective.

The Discover Artist Residency programme builds on the Engine Room Starter Programme and these new residencies will have a focus on discovery, research and initial development of an idea or new project. The Develop Artist Residencies will be announced later this year.

The eight artists selected will receive support including a dedicated budget of £5,000, studio space and equipment, access to technical advice and expertise, as well as producing and dramaturgical support.

Find out more about the artists and their work:

Dancer, choreographer and content creator Chinyanta Kabaso will be researching and working on a new dance piece that explores human connections through afro and contemporary dance styles.

Jack MacGregor, a writer and director of contemporary historical drama and science fiction in theatre, will be devising a brand-new piece of eco-drama about climate collapse in the Highlands.

Multi – platform content creator Jim Muotune has produced radio features and drama, podcasts, music, and short form video. He will be using his residency to develop an immersive theatrical piece telling a story about the Benin Bronzes in Glasgow’s museums.

Libby Odai, creative technologist and professional roller skater will be developing Forbidden Fruits: a performance exploring taboo, queerness and desire through the medium of roller dance.

Storyteller, writer and performer Cara Roberts will be working on a new performance piece looking at our relationships and stories of the environment and climate.

Kal Sabir, an actor, writer, and producer will be working on a theatre piece which explores the pandemic's impact on care in the community.

Comedian, writer and performance maker Theo Seddon will be working on a theatrical horror/comedy show Hairy Beast, using the stereotypes of the horror genre to explore the horrors of gender.

And finally, Theiya Arts Dance Collective, formed of three dance organisations: Agnya Movement, Tharanga Dance and Theiya Arts. They will use their residency to delve into their project, Ticking Clock exploring the urgency of climate change drawing from traditional South Asian dance choreographies to trace the history and evolution of the relationship between humans and nature in day-to-day lives.

You can read more about the eight selected artists and their proposed residencies here.