A Season of Digital December Delights from National Theatre of Scotland


6 Nov 2020

News Story

With pantos cancelled, and a digital Christmas foretold, the National Theatre of Scotland wants to offer up an online season of theatrical sparkle to audiences across the land as well as launching a competition and fundraising campaign with the chance to win your own fairy tale experience.

Putting the J for Joy into Xmas.

What would the Festive Season be without someone fabulous whose name begins with J? At the invitation of Jackie Wylie - Jackie Kay, Janey Godley and Johnny McKnight, our own holy trinity of Scottish artistic talent, with a special guest appearance by Jack Lowden are serving us up a season of festive online treats this year.

The National Theatre of Scotland wants to spread some JOY throughout the land with the offering of;

  • Rapunzel, a Christmas show online and in cinemas from Scottish panto legend Johnny McKnight in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland.
  • Makar to Cracker, the return of Jackie Kay’s soulful poetry and music offering.
  • Alone, two brand new festive episodes from Janey Godley’s online viral drama about Betty and Bobo.
  • A Queen's Speech, a very special alternative message on Christmas Day from Dame of the Realm, Paige Ootabook, AKA Johnny McKnight.
  • A Winter Special from our Social Dance Club for LGBTI + elders and a Winter Warmer event.
  • 20 days of festive joy with special content for online audiences from 13 December 2020 to 1 January 2021.
  • A chance to Win Your Own Fairy Tale experience whilst helping to raise money for the National Theatre of Scotland’s Future Fund.