The Neighbourhood

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The Neighbourhood is a project which will take place in the areas local to the National Theatre of Scotland’s base in North Glasgow.

The idea for the project started with a question - what does it mean to be a good neighbour? We were interested in what it means for the local community for a National company to be located on their doorstep, and what that means to us at the National Theatre.

Who are our neighbours, and how do we get to know them?

The Neighbourhood takes the form of an “action research project”. Action research starts with a “fact finding period” which took place in February and March 2022. We spent time finding out about local community, groups and activities. We met with community leaders and found out about them and what they do.

The next stage will be a series of short artistic projects in and with the community. Each project will be a way of learning more about where we’re based and how artists might work with the community. The learning from each short project will inform the next, and we will repeat the process, learning more as we go.

Previous events in our neighbourhood