Tero Buru

Autumn 2024 | Glasgow


Tero Buru is a new play by the late, great Beldina Odenyo which has been posthumously interpreted by Beldina’s sister, Leah McAleer.

The premiere of Tero Buru marks a new release of work created to honour and celebrate the life and legacy of much-missed Scottish-Kenyan artist Beldina Odenyo. Beldina’s friends and collaborators have joined together with her sister Leah to bring Beldina’s debut play to an audience.

Beldina was a ‘Starter Artist’ with National Theatre of Scotland in 2018 during which time she researched death rituals, keening and funeral songs. Tero Buru grew out of this initial project and will feature new and original music composed by Beldina.

Tero Buru will be performed in Glasgow in autumn 2024, with full details of dates and venue to be announced. This play is the first in a series of artistic performances and events over 2024 and 2025 which will include the launch of Beldina’s album Heir of the Cursed. More information about all events will be announced later in the year.

A Leah McAleer project produced in partnership with Disaster Plan and in association with National Theatre of Scotland.

In addition to the individuals listed above, there are many others who play a vital role in getting the work on stage. We list the full production teams in the programme or freesheet that we produce to accompany the show.