An aerial performer is hanging upside down suspended from the ceiling

Like Flying

Glasgow and Aberdeen

Mar - April 2023 | Schools across Scotland


Moving through the familiar ground of the Scottish school from the assembly hall to the playground, the classrooms to the gym, Like Flying is an interactive performance that will take place in schools throughout Scotland in spring 2023.

Created in response to the growing levels of anxiety found in teenagers across Scotland, this project invites a cast of 12-14 year olds to, through aerial performance methods, learn to fly.

Led by Nic Green, with movement direction from All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre, Like Flying takes the form of a promenade performance through the school corridors and multiple spaces both indoors and out. Weaving through a surreal and dream-like curriculum, young people educate adults in this mirror-image world where roles are reversed, power is flipped and authority is inverted.

Supported by The Rayne Foundation, William Grant Foundation, Binks Trust, McGlashan Charitable Trust, Ettrick Charitable Trust, The Murdoch Forrest Charitable Trust, The W M Mann Foundation, Trades Widows’ Fund Charity, Aberdeen Endowments Trust, Verden Sykes Trust and Educational Institute of Scotland.

Creative team



The performance lasts approx. 60 minutes and is a standing performance with limited seating. Audience will travel through the school visiting various spaces both indoors and outdoors. There may be a number of stairs within your route.

All performances are BSL interpreted.

The performance is wheelchair accessible but may not be suitable for those with mobility issues – for further info please contact