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Soldier with a blindfold over his eyes

Lost Light features music from The 306 Trilogy, Oliver Emanuel and Gareth Williams powerful and profound First World War plays, commemorating the heart-breaking true stories of the 306 men executed for cowardice and desertion during the conflict and the devastating consequences for those they left behind.

Central to each part of the trilogy, the music set the tone for each instalment, expressing the characters’ emotional states, whether that be soaring sentiments or discordant crises.

Lost Light, a selection of music from the highly acclaimed score will be available to stream or download from your preferred music platform. Lost Light will also be available to purchase on CD and will be sent out free to libraries, schools and veterans associations along with accompanying educational resources.

Composed by Gareth Williams with lyrics by Oliver Emanuel

Co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW, WW1 Centenary Art Commissions

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An indelibly powerful work of music theatre that will have that impact wherever it is performed for many years to come

The Scotsman, The 306: Dawn

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Here the sung passages, accompanied by cello and piano, have a heady emotional power and features a near-perfect blend of voices from the six-strong ensemble

The Times, The 306: Day

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The score by Gareth Williams is a rich, modernist expression of the soldier’s mental states. Played live on piano, violin and cello, it varies from the fractures to the urgent. “I have no name” is the close-harmony refrain that begins and ends the piece- a touching tribute to all those wasted lives. The production is at its spine-tingling best when the nine-strong company is in full voice

The Guardian, The 306: Dawn



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      The 306 Trilogy

      The first part, The 306: Dawn, premiered in the summer of 2016 and was performed in a cavernous barn in rural Perthshire, was set around the events of the Battle of the Somme, marking the centenary of the Somme Offensive, and followed the story of three of the condemned soldiers.

      The second part, The 306: Day, premiered in Perth’s historic Station Hotel in 2017, and charted the struggles of the women and families left behind on the home front, as well as their fight to be heard over the clamour of conflict.

      The final part, The 306: Dusk, premiered in Perth Theatre in October 2018 and brings the trilogy into the modern day, exploring the depth of feeling around the First World War a century on from its conclusion, and how the trauma continues to haunt soldiers in the modern day.

      The 306 Trilogy is written by Oliver Emanuel and composed by Gareth Williams.

      The 306 Trilogy was co-produced with Perth Theatre and co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW , WW1 Centenary Art Commissions.

      The 306: Day was co-produced with Stellar Quines.

      The 306: Dawn and Day were in association with Red Note Ensemble.

      Photography by Christopher Bowen. Image design by Dill Design.