In 2016, we teamed up with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the National Autistic Society to create Limitless, a pilot project exploring potential for a creative autistic life.

Using drama and theatre methodologies with autistic children, teenagers and young people, our hope was that the participants could discover more about their potential. We worked collaboratively to begin shifting attitudes and investigate opportunities for autistic people who are interested in theatre as a social experience, a creative outlet or a career path.

The pilot supported three groups of artists to design, deliver and evaluate new drama based workshops for autistic participants. One of these workshops grew into an idea for a full-scale production, The Reason I Jump which we produced with director Graham Eatough and a cast of autistic performers in 2018.

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Header: Callum Macritchie in The Reason I Jump, 2018, by Pete Dibdin.

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