anti-racism action plan

Reports and Documents
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Create anti-racism induction for freelance staffInduction pack including resources and document to be read out on first day of rehearsalsJul-21
Anti-racism training for freelancers prior to working on showsJul-21
Ensure hiring practises are anti-racism focussedInterrogate any recruiting firm’s EDI policy and make NTS’ commitment to greater diversity clearongoing from May 2021
Advertise all roles with Creative Accessongoing from May 2021
Use Submittable or another mechanism to remove bias from shortlisting processDecember 2021
Create a remuneration policy incorporating anti-racism practicesConsider tying median salary levels to executive salaryDecember 2021
Advertise all salary levelsCurrent practice
Create AR induction for new staff and determine ongoing training offer for all staff to ensure continuation of the anti-racism journeyTwo part anti-racism training for all permanent staffcompletion August 2021
Establish learning goals for 2023December 2021
Ensure all Company Care incorporates anti-racism focusEnsure counselling service has counsellors of colourongoing from March 2021
Safer spaces statement includes anti-racism expectationsupdated May 2021
Increase the cultural diversity of the staff base10%by end 2022
20%by 2025

Programme and Artistic Development

To work/co-ordinate with other theatre companies and industry bodies to diversify dramaturg pool and script reading panels. Contact organisations01/03/2021 then check in quarterly
Distribute AR guidelines for lead artists/writers and begin discussions about how to implement them on a project by project basisConversations begun about extant projectscheck in quarterly
Minimum target for works led by artists of colour in the programme2 plus one digital short per year From 2022
Minimum target for percentage of programme spend on work led by artists of colour20%2021/22
Minimum target for percentage of artistic development spend on work led by artists of colour20%2021/22
Minimum number of different projects by artists of colour being developed42021/22
Engage colour conscious casting consultants on relevant productionsOngoing
Udated guidelines for writers and lead artists incorporating anti-racism actionsOngoing


Action Target/StepsDeadline
Engage cultural competency consultants on relevant productions Ongoing
Casting policy updated to incorporate anti-racism actionsOngoing
Looking at our casting processes and how we can open these up more and be more transparentOngoing
Commitment to placing 3 new graduates in roles in R&D workshops annuallyOngoing
Commitment to casting a new voice to NTS in all R&D projects with more than three roles.Ongoing

Audience and Communications

Create an image use policy to prevent unsensitive or exploitative use of images across our materials. September 2021
Conduct audience research around potential audiences of colourMarch 2022
Diversify journalists, social media and digital platforms we target and connect withResearch contacts and build databaseOngoing
Increase by 20% / year the number of diverse voices that communicate about NTS workOngoing
Reconsider mechanisms and platforms for our internal and external monitoring questionnaires to ensure greater response rateExplore different solutionsSeptember 2022
Build new processesSeptember 2022
Diversify our audienceTargeting as part of marketing and comms campaignsOngoing
Audience representative of Scottish population2022/23
Set a schedule for the communication of our anti-racism workTransparency and accountability for anti-racism workOngoing

Creative Engagement and Schools

Embed anti-racism into Creative Engagement strategy and aims for next 5 years, including considering audiences and communitiesNew Creative Engagement Strategy written and signed off by department and SMTComplete
Creative Engagement department to have actions day to start implementing Year 1 of strategyComplete
Creative Engagement strategy signed off by BoardComplete
Looking at each project with anti-racist perspectiveDevelop process to embed anti-racist thinking in all project development and ensure diversity in terms of professional teams and community collaborators.Ongoing
Expand pool of practitioners – perhaps by reinstating practitioners’ days when guidelines permitCreate project for practitioner idea and skills sharing ('Thinking Space')Complete
Theatre in School Scotland - workshop focus with writers of colourComplete
Call out for facilitator and guest artists who can lead or input to our project 'Thinking Space' Complete
Send information through organisations, contacts and platforms we haven't previously usedJuly-August 2023
Review anti-racism progress within Creative Engagement annuallyAnnual reviewStarting June 2021
Run careers workshops in schools with technicians of colour1/yearFrom 2022