Our people


Discover the incredible individuals who bring our performances to life and make theatre magic happen on and off the stage. Meet the creative minds who shape unforgettable experiences for audiences across Scotland and beyond.

Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership team at National Theatre of Scotland leads the way, guiding the organisation’s vision, operations, and artistic strategy.

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The Associates at National Theatre Scotland are talented and collaborative artists who work closely with the company, contributing their unique perspectives and skills to enrich the creative landscape and foster innovative performances.

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Artistic Development

The Artistic Development Department at National Theatre Scotland nurtures creativity and fosters new talent, curating innovative projects and initiatives that bring fresh and compelling stories to the stage.

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The Development Department at National Theatre Scotland cultivates partnerships and philanthropic initiatives to support the company’s mission, maximising opportunities for theatre makers, audiences and participants, and ensuring a sustainable future for the organisation.

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Audience and Media

The Audience and Media team at National Theatre Scotland engages and connects with audiences through compelling storytelling and strategic media outreach, fostering a vibrant and inclusive theatre.

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HR and Administration

The HR department alongside the executive administration team provides support to all departments and productions from freelancers, creatives teams, staff, and Board members.

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Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration Department at National Theatre Scotland ensures smooth operations and financial stability, supporting the company's artistic endeavours and organisational efficiency.

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Creative Engagement

The Creative Engagement team at National Theatre Scotland connects with communities and the education sector. We aim to empower individuals through participatory projects and experiences that celebrate the transformative power of theatre.

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Producing and Planning

The Producing Department at National Theatre Scotland takes artistic visions from concept to reality, managing the logistics, resources, and collaborations required to bring outstanding theatrical productions to the stage.

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The Technical Department provide a collaborative environment where artists can realise their ideas in a creative, safe, and sustainable way. We work with, recruit, and nurture highly skilled, enthusiastic and committed individuals to build a solid and supportive base for the company to make theatre.

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The Board

The Board of National Theatre of Scotland provides strategic leadership and guidance, overseeing the company's mission and ensuring its continued artistic excellence and impact.

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