Connection is our Currency | A poem

Bank of Springburn | 2022/23
An image containing the Poem 'Connection is our Currency' by Kevin P Gilday - In this bank   Connection is our currency   Not the vapid facsimiles   Of aspirational wealth   Smiles plastered on ecstatic   First home owners   But the true value   Of shared moments   Instances outwith the reach of explanation   Independent of the GDP      We’ve spent too long under the influence   Of selfish markets   Capital choking the ventricles   Greed clogging the arteries   But the heart of our community   Beats still      And here it is   This financial powerhouse   Who abandoned the high street   At the first sign of profit   Repurposed, reborn   Into this temple of the temporary   Where art accumulates in waves   Filling our accounts with meaning   A current, electrical      So let us gather   Hear voice and stories   Deposit memories like a Fabergé egg   Experiences beyond worth   We understand that our value   Is not tied to any market fluctuations   No percentage can match our entirety   No crash can dim our spirit   No suited conmen can rob our soul   Because in this bank   Connection is our currency