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Filmed within the atmospheric setting of Edinburgh’s historic Leith Theatre, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was originally presented in February 2022 as a live screen experience in the venue. This new hybrid version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story, conceived and directed by Hope Dickson Leach, has been relocated from London to Edinburgh.

Hope Dickson Leach and Vlad Butucea adapt Robert Louis Stevenson’s original 1886 novella, which follows Gabriel Utterson as he enters a world of dark duplicity to uncover the identity of the mysterious Mr Hyde and the hold he has over Utterson’s old friend Dr Jekyll. In this version, Utterson’s journey is set against the background and backdrop of Victorian Edinburgh, where the wealth of the breweries is contrasted with the poverty of the Cowgate Vaults, exposing an underbelly of dark truths and corruption. Concerned by his good friend Dr Henry Jekyll’s recent behaviour, Gabriel Utterson is driven to uncover the identity of the mysterious and dangerous Mr. Hyde, to whom Jekyll is enthralled. Whilst on this search for the truth, Utterson finds himself seduced by the society of Edinburgh’s rich and powerful, but beneath the glossy façade lies a grim and brutal reality. This is a Jekyll and Hyde reworked for a contemporary audience with the themes of power, class and masculinity brought to the fore.

Embracing the duality of the storyline and the period authenticity, the film has been shot in black and white. It features new electronic music by DJ and music producer Hudson Mohawke, acclaimed for his "genre-smashing" creative approach. National Theatre of Scotland and Selkie Productions in association with Screen Scotland and Sky Arts present this digital stream.