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A group of people are on a stage. They are surrounding a piano with an award on top. At the front, a man on the left wearing a suit sits up straight with his hands clasped and smiles at the camera. Behind him, a woman in yellow trousers and brown suit jacket has one hand on the award on top of the piano and is looking towards to the camera, smiling. Sitting on top of the piano is a young woman in a red and white tracksuit with black stripes. She has her feet on the piano and one arm raised in a pose in the air. In front of the piano is a woman in formal office wear, throwing her head back and laughing. Next to her is a woman is a fuschia top doing jazz hands, and a man with a beard and glasses wearing a turtle neck is sitting in a wheel chair. They are all smiling and looking directly at the camera. At the foot of the stage on the left is a young man wearing a grey top and dark trousers - he is texting on his phone.

Watch My Left / Right Foot - The Musical

Running time: 130 mins

Recommended age guide: 16+

A Birds of Paradise Theatre Company and National Theatre of Scotland co-production


5 Stars

Both the songs and performances soar… this co-production is hilarious.

The List

5 Stars

Profane and wonderful

Daily Mail

5 Stars

You'd be hard pushed to find something else quite this special at the festival.

Broadway World

5 Stars

equally hilarious and up-lifting.

Sunday Post

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