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National Theatre of Scotland seeks to employ the very best available talent for every role. We have a responsibility to consider and cast where possible (and appropriate) native Scottish performers and performers based in Scotland, supporting Equity’s #CastItHere campaign, and we are committed to the development of those individuals based in Scotland and beyond.

The National Theatre of Scotland believes in including artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures on the basis of sex, gender, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including ethnic origin, colour, nationality, and national origin), disability, sexual orientation, religion and or belief, age, and whether they are drama school trained or not) in all its work.

Where we are casting for a role that is culturally specific, we are committed to first casting a performer from that culture. However, we consider artists from diverse backgrounds for every role, not just those written with specific personal characteristics in mind. We aim to ensure that in five years’ time, the number of performers with protected characteristics within our casts will have significantly increased. We cast without prejudice against the background/ path performers have followed into the industry. We operate an inclusive approach to the casting of all roles and ensure that casting sessions take place at fully accessible venues.

National Theatre of Scotland is currently working to become an anti-racist organisation. More information can be found here. This policy will be updated as work progresses.  

All performers who are offered paid work at the Company are asked to complete an anonymous diversity monitoring form to help us monitor our progress.


Our shows are cast by the director of each production, supported by our Casting Director with input from the wider artistic team at National Theatre of Scotland.

The casting requirements of all productions are advertised on Spotlight. Breakdowns are sent to all UK agents and on occasion are distributed internationally. In the event that we are looking for more specialised or specific performers, breakdowns will be advertised on the Spotlight link board and other relevant channels including the casting page of the National Theatre of Scotland website.

Introductory Meetings

Our Casting Director holds regular general meetings, and in addition each year there will be at least one full day where new graduates and actors who haven’t previously met us will be able to introduce themselves and show a sample of their work, if appropriate. If you wish to be considered for a general meeting, please either ask your agent to contact us, or email the address below.


We will hold two skills workshops a year at Rockvilla for performers based in Scotland. These will be free of charge and actors whom we have not previously worked with/ do not have a relationship with, will be invited to apply for places which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. These will be designed to promote a positive and proactive approach towards a career in the performing arts. The content will introduce new skills and enhance and improve those already attained.

These workshops will also be advertised on our website, through social media and agents.

Attendance of Shows

The Artistic Director, Associate Directors, Casting Director and other key National Theatre Scotland staff regularly attend shows throughout Scotland, the rest of the UK, and internationally where possible, in order to see and meet performers and have an in-depth, current working knowledge of the industry. They are happy to try to attend festivals, drama school/college showcases as well as productions. To let us know about a show you will be performing in, please use the contact details below.


The preferred method of contact is via email to

When writing you should include your Spotlight link (if you are on Spotlight), and a headshot and CV under 1MB in size if not.

Last edited November 2020