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Welcome to "Creative Career Insights" - Empowering Your Path to a Dream Job

Our sessions have undergone a refreshing transformation. We listened to feedback and adapted to the current climate, extending opportunities to younger individuals at earlier stages of their lives.

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Creative Career Insight sessions at Rockvilla provide an exciting chance for schools to:

  • Tour our vibrant building
  • Hear from a selection of National Theatre of Scotland staff
  • Engage in practical workshops

These sessions cater to both S3-S6 students and S1-S2 students. While the former tend to have a better understanding of creative industries due to studying drama, we've designed separate sessions for the latter, introducing them to the myriad of possibilities in the Creative Industries. Whether it's technical work, carpentry, finance, or becoming a Social Media champion, the options are endless.

Our passion lies in cultivating awareness among the next generation of creatives about the countless opportunities within the creative industries. We firmly believe that the arts can serve as a powerful tool to nurture confidence, ambition, and creativity in any workforce.

We've shifted the focus to shed light on the actual responsibilities of current roles, demystifying job titles, and providing a glimpse into day-to-day activities. The practical workshops now concentrate on a wide array of skills necessary for various roles at NTS. From creating marketing plans to developing community engagement programs, we strive to broaden your knowledge of the creative industries beyond just being on stage.

We're thrilled about the changes we've made, confident that "Creative Career Insights" will resonate with teachers and pupils alike. And as an added bonus, transport costs for State Schools are covered by NTS.

Join us for an enlightening and fulfilling journey into the world of creativity. Secure your spot now by filling in the booking form

Embark on your path to a vibrant career - "Creative Career Insights" awaits you.

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