Screen and Digital

Exploring new frontiers in theatre, we expanded into screen and digital formats during the pandemic, engaging audiences remotely. Now, we're in a dynamic phase, combining theatrical practices with screen production. Our ethos, mirroring live work, focuses on serving audiences, inclusivity, talent development, equitable employment, and sustainable production.

Venturing into larger-scale screen and digital projects, we aim to create meaningful work, reach diverse audiences, and foster sustainable growth. This initiative provides more opportunities for talent development, benefiting both digital and live formats and contributing to Scotland's creative industries.

Our diverse screen slate includes hybrid play adaptations, TV series, films, audio dramas, documentaries, and digital projects, strategically extending our reach and fully embracing the medium's potential.

Notable successes include "Adam," originally a stage production, reinvented as a BAFTA-winning on-screen drama, reaching global audiences. "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" captivates audiences in cinemas and festivals, available on Sky Arts.

"Scenes for Survival," a collaboration with BBC Scotland and others, produced 55 digital short films, showcasing our commitment to innovation. We also commission short films, with current opportunities.

Our strong partnerships with broadcasters, screen funders, and production companies have enriched our portfolio of digital works.

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