Being Part
of the board

Joining our Board isn't just about taking a seat at the table; it's about becoming part of something greater than yourself. Here, we celebrate diversity, foster innovation, and cherish every voice that contributes to our collective journey. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fresh face, our Board is a place where ideas flourish, connections deepen, and meaningful change takes root.

Don't just take our word for it - hear from our Board members below about what being part of our board means to them.

"I was so scared of applying, I thought I didn't have enough experience what could I offer? Was I too ordinary? Only when I started to fill in the application and write about myself I realised I could do this. After all ordinary voices matter too."

- Kirin Saeed

"Working in my own business I missed working in a team with colleagues and saw board work as an opportunity to work with others listening and sharing different views"

- Sheelagh Duffield

"As a consultant I support many different organisations, including some of Scotland's brilliantperforming companies, and have been a huge admirer of the pioneering NTS approach (and a persistent audience member!) from its conception."

- Catherine Holden