Spoiler Alert - Rapunzel Plot

Photos of the Rapunzel cast set against a red polkadot background


Paige Ootabook, the Rapunzel Narrator welcomes everyone and introduces our story, set in the kingdom of Evernut.

15 years ago, something terrible happened to the Royal family of Evernut and some say a scary woman named Betty caused it all.

Michelle Chantelle Hopewell (as Betty Botanista)

But Betty Botanista says none of it is her fault. She explains she used to have a friend called Gothel who gave birth to a little baby girl. When the baby gets ill, Gothel goes to the ends of the earth to find the rarest of flowers for Betty to prepare a very special medicine to cure her. But Queen Mary also needs the potion for her little girl, Rapunzel. And being a shrewd businesswoman, Betty sells the remedy to the highest bidder - Queen Mary.

Not long after this, the young Rapunzel goes missing, reportedly stolen by someone who looked a lot like Gothel.

A small amount of the potion drops onto Rosey Posey, a rose in the Royal Garden, and makes her grow and grow. The potion has other side effects, it gives Rosey Posey visions, and she can see that Rapunzel is still alive! But no one apart from Rapunzel’s twin brother Prince Hairy will listen.

Inside the castle Prince Hairy is not looking forward to becoming king and he thinks Rapunzel would make a much better queen, he can’t wait till she’s back. Prince Hairy recognises Rosey Posey’s special signal – Rapunzel's alive but in danger and Prince Hairy must follow the hair to save Rapunzel.

Over in Anita Haircut’s mobile salon, she can’t stop thinking about one customer in particular – Rapunzel. But Anita’s not all she seems, she’s really Queen Evernut and Rapunzel’s mum! When the King called off the search, the Queen still had hope and disguised herself as a hairdresser to find Rapunzel - as everyone spills out their secrets when they’re in the hairdresser’s chair.

When Gothel comes into the salon, she lets slip that her wee girl is obsessed by chicken and chips – which was Rapunzel’s favourite! Suspicious, Anita, checks Gothel’s coat and finds a very long and beautiful black curly hair - Rapunzel’s hair.

Gothel admits she kidnaped Rapunzel, but explains she’s not locked up, the door has been open for years. Rapunzel is too scared about the world outside to leave her tower.

Gothel can’t forgive Betty for selling the potion to the Queen instead of giving it to her own daughter. Now she’ll have her revenge and give Rapunzel a potion to make her fall asleep.

Just as Rapunzel puts the potion to her lips, a tiny talking frog appears. The frog tells her the truth: Gothel isn’t Rapunzel’s mum, she stole her, and her real mum is Queen Mary of Evernut, plus she’s got a twin brother Hairy. Rapunzel realises the world outside her tower isn’t perfect but she’s a Princess who can change things for the better - she just needs to get out there and do it!

Rapunzel takes the first exiting steps outside the tower and all her family are on the other side! Betty’s wicked spell is broken, and Rapunzel is finally happy ever after.

Amber Sylvia Edwards as Rapunzel