Rosey Posey Wee Treats

Festive Wee Treats

Rosey Posey grew extra tall after being splashed with some of Betty Bonista’s potion. Imagine growing that tall so quickly. Your trousers would look like shorts (or maybe you would have to call them talls instead?!)

Can you imagine what it would be like to suddenly become a giant?

Make: A Rosey Posey Shadow Garden

You will Need:
A Torch light (mobile phone torches are great for this)
Some items that you can try out as your rose.

How To:
Step 1: Stack your books carefully so one of the books is sitting with the pages facing up and the other books pin it into place.

Step 2: Stick the fork in between the pages and arrange to make a garden.

Step 3: Use the torch to make the forks look like grass and weeds. Play around with how big you can make it by moving the light further away.

Step 4: Choose some items and see if they look like a tall rose. I used a kitchen brush and a pizza cutter.

Top Tip: If you have any sweety wrappers with different colours you can hold that over the torch and change the colour of the forest.

Make: A Rosey Posey Measuring Chart

You will need:
Kitchen Roll
Measuring Tape
Felt Tip Pens or Crayons

How To:
Step 1: Count out 9-10 sheets of kitchen roll and tear them off to make an extra long piece that is about as tall as Rosey Posey. This will become our measuring chart. Use the measuring tape if you want to be exact. Rosey Posey is 6’3” (190cm)!!!

Step 2: Tear off as many other sheets as you would like to make some leaves.

Step 3: Use the felt tip pens to draw a big long rose stem on the measuring chart. Use some other bits of kitchen roll or some card underneath the chart, so the pen doesn’t stain your floor or table.

Step 4: Draw a leaf for each member of your household. They can write their names on their leaf or decorate them.

Measure yourself and your household. Lie down on the chart and place your leaf at the top of your head. Are you surprised at how tall or small some of you are? Maybe you can do this a few times throughout the year and see if anything changes?

If you don’t have a measuring chart don’t worry. There is another brilliant fun way to do this:

Each member of your household chooses an object that represents them. If you like cooking maybe you will pick a wooden spoon. If you like exercise maybe you will pick your gym shorts. Or a favourite book? Or even something silly like an old smelly sock.

Now each take turns to lie down on the floor and use your object to measure how tall you are. Start from the bottom and measure all the way up to your head. Maybe you are 12 smelly socks tall, maybe your brother or sister is 5 books tall.

You can do this again throughout the year to see who is growing tall and who might be shrinking!!

Rosey Posey Fan Letter

Rosey Posey loves writing letters to people she admires, telling them how much she loves them. Why don’t you write a letter to someone telling them how great you think they are? It could be anyone, from someone on TV or a character in a book, to someone you know, like a family member, or someone in your local community, like your local Postie!

You will need:
A pen and paper
An envelope (you can make this by folding a piece of paper or an old flyer from the post around the letter and sticking together with sticky tape if you have it, or use an already used envelope if you have one).
A stamp if you want to send it in the real post
Or a made-up post box (like a cupboard door, or under a door) if you want to post it in The Imaginary Post.
If you have pencils and crayons you could also colour in your letters to make them extra fun.

Decide who you want to write to. When thinking about what to say, you could include things like:

  • Happy memories you have of them
  • Things you like about them
  • Why you think they are so great

Write the letter and give it to them – perhaps through The Imagination Post by posting it through a cupboard door or underneath a door, where the magic will send the words out into the Universe! Or, you could read it to the person it is meant for, or ask someone to help you read it to them over the magic of the telephone. Imagine how happy they will be when they receive it – a lovely fan letter, made just for them, and written by you!