Rapunzel Festive Wee Treats

Festive Wee Treats

Rapunzel was excited to discover she was a member of royalty and could make some new rules and change the world. We couldn’t think of a cooler ruler than Rapunzel. Do you think you could be a cool ruler? Have you ever wanted to become a ruler for a day? What rules would you change?

Make: A cool crown

You will need:
Paper or Card
Colouring Pens or PencilsTin foil wrappers

How To:
Step 1: Draw a zig zag line down the middle of your paper and then cut along it with scissors.

Step 2: Stick the two halves of the paper to make one long zig zag strip

Step 3: Wrap the strip around your head so it fits tightly and secure with sticky tape, glue or a couple of paper clips.

Step 4: Decorate your crown by colouring it in or sticking tin foil wrappers on to look like jewels.

Activity: Make a new rule for a day

Take it in turns every day for someone to be the new ruler of the house.

Once you have chosen your ruler for the day, ask them to make one new rule that everyone must agree to follow. If you have made a crown, why not ask your new ruler to wear it when sharing the new rule with everyone?

The rules have to be kind or funny. For example, a kind rule would be everyone has to give everyone else a compliment at some point during the day.

Or everyone gets to spend 5 minutes doing one thing that they really enjoy with other members of the household.

A funny rule would be everyone has to replace the first word in a sentence with the word “squidgy.” So instead of saying, “do you want a cup of tea?” you would have to say “squidgy you want a cup of tea?”

Or no one is allowed to open a door with their hands. They have to use their chin or their elbows or their bum!

Have fun and create rules you will all enjoy together.

Remember the rule will only last for one day, so choose your rule carefully.

Sleep for A Hundred Years

Gothel gives Rapunzel a potion which could make her sleep for a hundred years, and wake up when the world is better. Let’s pretend we’ve taken that potion, and go to sleep and dream of a better world.

You will need
Your hopes and dreams
Somewhere cosy and comfy to sleep (you’ll be resting for a hundred years, after all!)

Get cosy and comfy and close your eyes and imagine you are drifting fast off to sleep having taken the magic Sleep for a Hundred Years potion. As you are dreaming (or even pretend dreaming) think of all the things which you think would make the world a better place. Let your hopes and dreams come up with as many ideas as you want, no matter how fantastical! Flying Cars? Tick! Cats who can talk? Tick Tick! Love and Peace?

After a hundred years (you might need someone to help count the years for you), wake up and tell the other people around you what you have seen in your dreams. Then think about what you can do in your household or community to help make those dreams a reality (perhaps our Acts of Kindness Break A Spell and So Does our Wishing Well activity may be one place to start).

Have fun and remember, just like Rapunzel you can change the world!