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Even more festive wee treats

Festive Wee Treats

Wonderously Wonderful Words

Prince Hairy? Paige Ootabook? RAPUNZEL is full of fun words. Let’s make up fun new words of our own.

You will need:
Just yourselves and your imagination

Activity One: Making New Words

Think of Two Things that say something about who you (or someone else, like a character from RAPUNZEL) is. For example are they:

Very Cheeky

Wave your magic word wand!


Funny and Nice

Wave your magic word wand


Silly and Brave

Wave your magic word wand

Billy Rave!

Now mash the words together and with a wave of your magic word wand make them into a new word. You could use the start of one word and the end of another, or the end of one word and the middle of another, it’s up to you!

Once you have your word, why not try using it in a sentence.

‘Oh, that cat is so silly and brave – they’re Billy Rave!’

‘I’m feeling a bit Vheeky today!’

Activity Two: Speaking the Panto way!

0 Stars

Mammy Gothel’s took ye as a tiny tody tott. Yer properly the people’s popular princess. Yer real mammy is yer majesty who’s meticulously mincing the masses’ mops longing to locate her long lost lassie. Yer babbling, bubbly, brainless brother’s been beggin’ yer bamboozled maw to bring ye back before the bells, baubles and bows bombard their brilliant abode!

Glow Frog

In perfect pantos, we really ridiculously ravishingly relishingly require that every word wonderously starts with the same stupendous letter! Why don’t you join us and try the same?

Let’s try speak in sentences using lots of words which start with the same letter. For example, try introducing yourself using only words that start with the same letter as your name:

My Name Is: Sara

List of words that start with the same letter as my name:

Now try introduce yourself to someone using mainly S words!

I’m Singing Sara who likes to eat Scrumptious Samosas Shimmering in Sauce and likes to Scoff Simply Sassy Scones!

Now you’ve introduced yourself to us, why not try telling us a story or making up a tale using as many words that start with the same letter as you can!

Acts of Kindness Break A Spell and So Does Our Wishing Well!


Hen, the world isnae brilliant, but it’s no aw bad. there’s a lot of hope out there… a lot of love.


Hmmm… And I’m a princess, right? So I can be in charge. I can make things better?

RAPUNZEL is all about being kind to one another and doing good things in the world. It’s even how Glow Frog gets to change back into a person, by helping Rapzunel find out the truth and be reunited with her family.

Let’s do acts of kindness for someone we care about, and make a wishing well with a difference.

You will need:
For your wishes
Paper torn into small strips to write lots of little wishes on
A pen
A heart full of kindness
To make your wishing well.

You can use anything you have that will work as a container for your wishing well. Here’s a few ideas:
Tea towel to fold into a well (using the middle of the tea towels as the bottom, and folding the outsides together to make walls)
Or an empty tissue box or jam jar
Or a carboard box and sticky tape
Or a mug or bowl

Get creative!


Option 1: Best Wishes

This version of the game is about sending nice wishes to someone else.

Write down lots of nice messages to someone you care about on little strips of paper and throw them in your wishing well. These can be things that you like about them:

I love your smile! I love how you are very thoughtful!

Or things that you wish for them

I wish you have a lovely happy life! I wish you lots of laughter!

When you have finished and your wishing well has lots of nice messages, give the well to that person as a gift or read the messages out loud to them. Imagine collecting lots of different jam jars and filling them with messages for people you know – what a lovely gift to give to someone, filling their heart with warmth.

Option 2: Acts of Kindness

This version of the game is about helping to think of ideas to do more acts of kindness in your life.

Write down lots of ideas of acts of kindness, just like Glow Frog’s act of kindness helping Rapunzel, and put them into your wishing well. Then, once a week, you and someone else in your home could pick an act of kindness from the wishing well and choose to do that act of kindness that week.

Here’s a few ideas of acts of kindness to get you started:
Tell someone you care about them
Write a card or note to someone (perhaps even a fan letter like our Rosey Posey activity)
Water a plant
Do recycling or volunteer to do something to help in your local area
Say something nice to someone you see in your local community – whether that’s someone in your household, or the lolly pop person who helps you cross the road!
Thank someone who has been kind to you
Draw a beautiful picture and put it in your window to make others smile

May your acts be so kind, they will melt even Gothel’s hardened heart.

Version of Events

In RAPUNZEL, everyone has their own version of events! Let’s have a go at making our own stories based on the same three things together: the same character, the same item, and the same place, and see what different stories each of us can spin.

You will need:
A pen
Paper or cardboard (like from the back of a food packaging box)
Word Table (see end of activity)
You can also use a printer if you have one instead.

Write down or print off the words in the table below, either on paper or thin strips of cut up cardboard. If you’d like, you could even make up your own characters, items, and places to include in the game, maybe based on your local area or things in your life.

Make three separate piles (one for characters, one for items, and one for places) and mix all the word cards up in that pile. Then, pick one word from each:

A Talking Frog

A Can of Irn Bru

The Hairdressers

Now, each person in the group has to make up a story based on the three things you have chosen, and tell their unique ‘version of events’ to the others in the group. Once they have had their turn, someone else in the group has to tell their ‘version of events’ and make up a new story – but using the same three things. What could a Talking Frog get up to with a can of Irn Bru in the Hairdressers? Let’s hear your version of events!

Another Way to Play

Another way to play this game is for each person in the group to pick a word card, and then to make a story together, with each person adding to the story based on their word card.

For example:

Person 1: There once was a talking frog, who liked to sit on a log, and go robbit, robbit, robbit…

Person 2: One day the talking frog was so thirsty, they were SICK of pond water, and they were craving a juicy, delicious, orangey gold drink of Irn Bru….

Person 3: So they searched all round the world to find one, but every place they went to didn’t have one, UNTIL they saw the sign for the hairdressers…

Word Table




A Talking Frog

A Secret Potion

A Magic Castle


A Magic Wand

The Hairdressers

A Little Child

A Magic Flower

A Hidden Garden

A Hairy Prince

A Map

The Mountains

A Flying Reindeer

A Present

The North Pole

A Hero Princess

A Can of Irn Bru

A Dark, Snowy Night

A Magic Fairy

A Tree

A Secret House

A King or Queen

A Toilet

A Birthday Party

Now Add Your Own…

Greyfriars Bobby

A Steam Train

Arthur’s Seat