Anita Haircut Wee Treats

Festive Wee Treats

Anita Haircut ran a mobile hair salon that specialised in a few select styles. Do you like to change your hairstyle often? Or do you like to keep it the same? Here’s a fun way to try out some new hairdos without reaching for the scissors. Who knows maybe you will find a new hairdo that is to dye for!

Make: Anita’s Trendy Trim Testing Kit

You will need:
Photographs of friends or family
Some crisp wrappers or similarly colourful wrappers
Some cotton wool balls
Any other groovy bits of rubbish that could become a hair design.

How To:
Step 1: Find a few photographs of friends and family in your house. IF they are hanging up, ask an adult to take them off the wall. You could also use pictures of people in any old magazines or newspapers lying around.

Step 2: Cut the rubbish or shape the cotton wool balls into imaginative hair designs so they fit the size of the heads on the photographs.

Step 3: Test out different designs on each head. Are there any that actually look good? Which one looks the silliest?

Step 4: Try the haircuts on different heads. Ask your household which ones look best and which ones look funny.

Top Tip: The serated edge of a crisp or sweetie packet can make a great spikey hairdo.

Activity: The Recycling Rapunzel Hair Maker

Step 1: Find a mirror in your house. If you don’t have a suitable mirror any reflective substance would do. A spoon makes a fun reflective surface as it can stretch your face and even flip it upside down.

Step 2: Find some funny items that could make a great hairstyle. A banana skin, the top of a pineapple, some wool, some sheets of kitchen towel.

Step 3: Find a member of your household and get them to stand or sit in front of the mirror.

Step 4: Hold up the items against the reflection and pick your favourite new hairdo. If the reflection is too big or small, move your household member closer or further away from the mirror to change the size of their reflection.

Top Tip: If you don’t have a mirror, you can use a camera on a mobile phone and the same small “hairdos” you used for the photographs.